Experienced Leadership

The City of Port Moody is a complex organization; there are very few, if any, businesses with such diverse service offerings as a City. We provide everything from policing and fire services, to garbage and recycling pickup, to youth camps and seniors programs. We deliver water to your home and take your sewage away. We operate and manage ice rinks, a curling centre, soccer and baseball fields, trails systems and parks, a boat launch, a library, several community centres, preschools, a fitness centre, gymnasium, a theatre, and two outdoor pools.  And much, much more. Our exceptional staff of 300+ deliver all of these services at the highest level.

Role of Mayor

City Council is comprised of seven individuals elected by the residents to best represent them and implement a shared vision for the future. I chair the Council meetings and work with the team at setting policy and direction. The Mayor has no veto or special voting powers, but is, by legislation, the CEO of the City with some important responsibilities.

As Mayor, it is my role to ensure that staff are receiving strategic direction and policy from Council, so they can translate that policy into action and deliver City services in the community. I believe that my depth of experience and solid relationships with City Staff ensure this is done efficiently, effectively, and respectfully.

As Mayor, I am also the spokesperson for the City, which means I am the prime contact for the media and others to obtain information. All regional media contacts have my cell phone number and can reach me, day or night.

I also attend hundreds of public events every year hosted by the City, service groups, businesses, and others in our community – a responsibility that I cherish. Touring elementary school kids through City Hall, opening new daycares, attending high school graduations,  celebrating our local business' success at awards ceremonies, handing out summer reading medals with the library, attending a 50th wedding anniversary party or a 100th birthday celebration – these are some of the best parts of being Mayor. One of my biggest challenges is when two great community events conflict; I know how much it means to an organization when the Mayor supports their event, and I love doing so.

Collaboration and Cooperation

During my 13 years on Council, I have spent considerable time getting to know our neighbours and other community leaders across the country. I often hear how much the residents of Port Moody, Anmore, Belcarra, Port Coquitlam, and Coquitlam appreciate the improved relationship we all have and how much it benefits our communities. I am proud to call the other four Mayors friends and to have many strong relationships with colleagues on our neighbouring Councils. I also have significant relationships with Council members and staff within Port Moody, cities in our region, and across the country.  This is not only personally meaningful, but incredibly valuable when we have looked at new initiatives or processes to implement in Port Moody.

I find it rewarding to see how highly engaged Port Moody City Council, staff, and residents are, and despite differences in opinion, how committed all of us are to making our community stronger.

Open and Transparent Government

I believe in transparency and that the more information we have, the better our decision-making process will be. I have encouraged our staff to implement new methods of communicating with the public, including much stronger use of the City website, social media, open houses, town hall meetings, newsletters, email lists, and more.

I helped lead the development of new online services at the City, including our online agendas and minutes, and video streaming and archiving of our Council meetings.

I meet with residents and business owners every week, in my office, in their office, and in the community to discuss issues and how we can better meet the needs of our community.  I am active with the Chamber of Commerce and Shop Local business groups; I attend community association, parent advisory council, school board, and many other community group meetings.  I have regular meetings with our local sports groups, and attend and support the museum and arts centre.

My goal has been to increase our community engagement and to open up City hall to our residents and businesses – and I know, based on our unprecedented levels of feedback, attendance at events, and engagement online, we are succeeding!