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Flavelle Oceanfront Development

By Mike Clay / March 25, 2017 /

After operating for the past 100 years or so as a sawmill, the owners of Flavelle Sawmill are looking towards the future with a proposal to redevelop the site from an industrial site to a mixed use residential and economic zone.  I’ve chosen the word ‘economic zone’ because the traditional choice between residential and industrial…

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Inlet Soccer Field – upgrade and redevelopment

By Mike Clay / March 9, 2016 /

Update March 9,2016 There has been some activity of late on the Inlet Soccer Field redevelopment so I’m updating this page with the new information. In January, the funding issue for the field was discussed at Finance Committee, where I made a motion that we direct some funding to the project, and ‘get it on…

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900 Clarke, Mountainview Co-Op fire

By Mike Clay / October 8, 2015 /

Today we had a terrible fire in Port Moody, in the 900 block of Clarke – the Mountainview Co-Op, a large apartment complex at the top of Clarke Hill.  This has been an absolutely devastating day for many of the residents who have lost their homes, some of lost their pets, many have lost a lot of very important…

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Evergreen Line – Sinkholes and Tunnel Boring

By Mike Clay / January 14, 2015 /

Just returned from the Evergreen Line Project Office where they were hosting an information meeting regarding the tunnel boring machine and the recent sink holes that have happened in College Park. A few weeks back, the first sink hole happened at Chateau Place, and last week, a second sink hole occurred just off Cecile Drive.…

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Setting the record straight – the truth campaign :)

By Mike Clay / November 12, 2014 /

I understand that campaigns are often misleading.  I wish they weren’t, but, there are people who want to create fear and division – particularly when they are running in a City where the vast majority of residents are happy with the way things are going. The political playbook tells you that you need to convince…

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By Mike Clay / November 6, 2014 /

Tonight we had our second all candidates meeting.   The first was on Monday put on by the Chamber, and tonight was hosted by Moody Centre Community Association at Kyle Centre. Unfortunately, as you can read for yourself on the MCCA website (http://portmoodycommunity.wordpress.com/), the adminstrators of the community association have a strong dislike for Council, and…

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Get to know your OCP – Moody Centre Station Area.

By Mike Clay / October 21, 2014 /

Do you know what’s contained in the Official Community Plan (OCP) ?  The OCP is a vision document which plans for the future of our City to help ensure that Port Moody continues to be a coveted place to live and protects our character and heritage. Chapter 15 of the OCP contains Neighbourhood Area Plans…

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House Height Townhall.

By Mike Clay / October 5, 2014 /

Spent a few hours yesterday out on the Ioco Road Corridor, particularly from Pleasantside School out to April Road, talking to residents and making sure that they were aware of the upcoming town hall meeting regarding ‘house heights’ and other siting/size issues we have been discussing at Council. Had some great conversations with about 25…

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Crime Train ? Or misleading headlines.. ??

By Mike Clay / September 30, 2014 /

Be careful  about those headlines ! 24 hours ran a headline yesterday that said: Evergreen stations likely crime hubs: report then, in the byline in smaller print: But it has little to do with the stations’ presence and more to do with the fact the commercial hubs stations are built in are already crime hotspots.…

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OCP Reality Check

By Mike Clay / September 26, 2014 /

Official Community Plan For the past 9 years on Council I have advocated for sustainable growth and development in Port Moody. When I campaigned for Mayor in 2011, I identified the impending changes coming to Moody Centre (as a result of the skytrain) as one of the biggest challenges to our community and one of…

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