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Daycare ? You bet.. just don’t put it where the people are !

By Mike Clay / July 9, 2014 /

Full disclosure, if it isn’t obvious – I think the idea of a daycare in the 2nd storey of the office space in Suterbrook is a great idea. Putting daycare near where people live and where they work is where daycare’s should be… I believe this application meets all of the goals of our Strategic…

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Transportation vision for the region.

By Mike Clay / June 12, 2014 /

Today, June 12 , the Translink Mayors Council approved the subcommittees vision document for the 30 year plan for the region. Included in the plan is a 10 year financial outlook, with projects and funding requirements. While this is essentially a ‘repackaging’ of Transport 2040 Translink 30 year plan, this has now gone through extensive…

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MMBC – what are you doing in my trash ??

By Mike Clay / April 15, 2014 /

There’s a new recycling program coming to BC, and there’s been a lot of media coverage of this issue of late, mostly on the challenges of business in how the new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for packaging and paper is rolling out. I will try to give some background, but this will be mainly…

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Pay to Play ? Not without more dialogue !

By Mike Clay / March 13, 2013 /

UPDATE (July 23): Last night , Council decided to ‘overturn’ the previous decision and instead commence a public consultation process on options for parking at the park with any changes suggested to be in 2015, not this year. Last night, City Council passed a resolution to institute pay parking at Rocky Point Park, on a…

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