Tonight we had our second all candidates meeting.   The first was on Monday put on by the Chamber, and tonight was hosted by Moody Centre Community
Association at Kyle Centre.

Unfortunately, as you can read for yourself on the MCCA website (,
the adminstrators of the community association have a strong dislike for Council, and are opposed to the OCP.  This has led to them putting or perpetuating
information about the OCP that is factually incorrect.  You would hope it’s just a mis-understanding, but they’ve been corrected enough to know what
they are saying is not true.

I’ve commented on one of the posts on the website (
, I’ll leave it for you to read…

But really, the most tiresome part of all this, is having to listen to the same comments being repeated by the Royer’s… yes.. both of them.

For instance – if I have to one more time hear Zoe say that the Mayor and other Councillors cut of public input on the OCP.   As she repeatedly
does, Ms. Royer seems to have forgotten that she voted on Sept 9 to halt public input during the election campaign starting on Oct 10.

Not dis-similar, she also seems to be forgetting that she voted in January 2014 to put a population growth estimate figure of 50,000 in the OCP. 
In fact she voted AGAINST putting that figure at 45000, preferring the larger number of 50,000 instead.

Although she didn’t say it tonight, she did say it at the last meeting, that by adopting our OCP the City was entering into a legal dispute with Metro
Vancouver that will cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands.  She basis that number on the amount that Metro Vancouver has spent in a legal dispute
with Langley initiated by her husband, Gaetan, while he was an employee of Metro.  They lost the court case, and the appeal, and obviously nobody
is eager for a repeat of that.  

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