House Height Townhall.

Spent a few hours yesterday out on the Ioco Road Corridor, particularly from Pleasantside School out to April Road, talking to residents and making sure that they were aware of the upcoming town hall meeting regarding ‘house heights’ and other siting/size issues we have been discussing at Council.

Had some great conversations with about 25 residents, some of whom have properties for sale on each side of their house and are concerned about what may be built – some who are looking to sell their property and others who have recently bought and were somewhat unaware that this discussion was even going on !

Was interesting to get a mix of opinions, but mostly I was ensuring that those would be shared with the community on October 27.

Hope to see a good turnout at this meeting to discuss some really important ideas.  

There is a preliminary report coming to Council this Tuesday at Committee of the Whole – view the agenda information online:

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Mike Clay

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