Inlet Soccer Field – upgrade and redevelopment

Update March 9,2016

There has been some activity of late on the Inlet Soccer Field redevelopment so I’m updating this page with the new information.

In January, the funding issue for the field was discussed at Finance Committee, where I made a motion that we direct some funding to the project, and
‘get it on the books’.  Its important that we have a project in place and we get to ‘shovel ready’ as soon as possible to qualify for Federal
Government funding we expect to be included in the budget to be announced March 22.  My motion totaled about $ 375,000 in funding from gas tax
transfers and budget surplus, which will allow us to get some planning and engineering work done to move the project forward.  Also in my motion
was that the soccer club and city develop a sponsorship program to allow the club to look for donations, sponsorships, naming opportunities, grants,
etc. to help fund the project.

A further motion made by Counc. Dilworth was to look for other opportunities for funding the project vs. items currently in our capital budget.

In February, a motion was made by Counc. Junker at Finance committee that we include the Inlet Soccer field in our 5 year capital plan, in 2017, although
it is not currently funded.  So, as our budget must legally be balanced it was added with a funding source of ‘sponsorships’ (see above).

In late February the club met with City Staff and presented the ‘3 super 8’ field concept, which I saw for the first time at the club’s open house
mid month.  I like it, it seems like a great solution for the kids .  We have had some discussions that the cost estimates for the field
seem awfully high and i’m looking forward to having those reviewed and some other sources consulted.

Nov 14,2014

There has been much discussion about the upgrade of Inlet Soccer Field in this election – and rightfully so, this field is in need of some substantial
improvements. Our population has been growing, but more importantly, we have been one of the fastest growing communities in Canada for youth and children
under 15.

In recent years we have upgraded Westhill park field, the Inlet Centre/Rec Centre field and previously added the Heritage Woods artificial turf field.
These fields are very well utilized, as is the ‘all weather’ (gravel) Inlet Field.

In 2012 Council approved the project scope to install artificial turf field, enhanced parking and a field house at the existing Inlet Field location. The
decision was a balance of needs and a desire to protect the natural environment around the field. The project was put into the City capital discussion,
but at a minimum cost of $ 3+ million, is unfunded.

I have been working with members of the Port Moody Soccer Club on ideas of partnerships with private investors and the City, sponsorship and other opportunities for funding. Everyone understands that we need to find a way to fund this other than sending a bill to the taxpayer, and there are some great ideas coming forward.

With development coming in Moody Centre, we will have opportunities to generate amenity contributions from developers. This is why I commenced a process,
starting with a special council meeting, June 21,2012, to align our capital projects with our strategic plan and to start to develop a list of capital
asset needs / desires and prioritize them. We have continued that process for the last two years, developing a long term financial plan and capital
framework – it isn’t complete and needs to be done before the City spends more money on capital projects without the strategic direction. We know we
have other capital needs in the City also and we need to know where we are going and where the funding is going to come from.

What I definitely won’t do is hire a project manager for an unfunded project that doesn’t even have final design requirements determined. What I will do
is work with the Soccer Club, affirming the design parameters, and building a framework for sponsorships and funding as we have all agreed is necessary.
Once we have agreement from Council on the funding ‘framework’ and sponsorship opportunities, I will work with the club to identify sponsors, and other
funding opportunities such as grant opportunities and partnerships, and move the project forward.

This model was successful for the Old Mill Boathouse, when our group (sailing, rowing, paddling) worked with then City Mgr. Ron Campbell and Council and
arranged for a funding partnership. This model is also how the Old Orchard Hall project was funded years ago.

Soccer is a big part of our community, and we all want the best facility we can have – but moving ahead and hiring a project manager for an unfunded, unapproved
project is irresponsible.

We have the plan, let’s get everyone behind it and start moving it forward – good for the kids, good for the community!

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