Pay to Play ? Not without more dialogue !

UPDATE (July 23): Last night , Council decided to ‘overturn’ the previous decision and instead commence a public consultation process on options for parking at the park with any changes suggested to be in 2015, not this year. Last night, City Council passed a resolution to institute pay parking at Rocky Point Park, on a ‘trial basis’ starting August 15. The parking would be free for up to 4 hours for Port Moody residents who have registered their license plate, and other visitors would be charged $ 1 / hour. I didn’t support the Council decision, as there has been NO consultation with residents or businesses on this idea, and the feedback that I have heard has ALL been negative. Local businesses are concerned that even though the amount is relatively small, it will discourage people from visiting the park, and their business. Residents have expressed their concern that this would be the only park in the NE sector where you have to pay to park, and that there are many complications, such as someone with a car registered in Coquitlam taking their family member, who lives in Port Moody, to the park and having to pay. We know that parking is a premium at Rocky Point, and I certainly agree that we need to find some way to ‘turn over’ the spots to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the public amenities there. We cannot have spots tied up for 4-8 hours by commuters or others that are parking in the lot and then leaving the area, which means that a family looking to enjoy the spray park or the pool now cannot find parking. Or someone looking to pop into Rocky Point Ice Cream or Pajo’s cannot find parking. We know very little about what the usage patterns of the lot are, and we need to research that, engage with the local businesses and residents and come up with something that works for everyone – maybe first 2 hours free for everyone and then $ 1 hour after that ? I don’t know, but I know this idea isn’t going to sit well.

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