Transportation vision for the region.

Today, June 12 , the Translink Mayors Council approved the subcommittees vision document for the 30 year plan for the region.

Included in the plan is a 10 year financial outlook, with projects and funding requirements. While this is essentially a ‘repackaging’ of Transport 2040 Translink 30 year plan, this has now gone through extensive review by the Mayors and consultation as a region to set priorities, as a result of a request from Provincial Transportation Minister Todd Stone. As a group, the regions Mayors have worked with Translink staff to deliver a plan that provides a 10 year plan and a 30 year vision that serves the region. It’s remarkable to see the compromise and collaboration in the region – I don’t think I’ve ever seen everyone working together for the common cause and putting aside their local priorities in favour of regional goods and people movement.

The plan requires an addditional 110 million dollars per year in funding in the near term, growing to close to $ 400 million per year at the end of the 10 years – and it includes several new bus B Line services, Surrey and Broadway LRT expansion, upgrades to the regional cycling networks, and improvements to the major road network.

The goal – to increase the number of trips NOT taken in automobiles, and to accomodate the population growth through transit, walking, cycling and more sustainable methods.

The Mayors Council has recommended to the Province that the plan should be funded through Carbon Tax revenues – a source the Province has not embraced in the past, and we are hopeful that we can work together to enable this or another funding source for the plan.

If the Province remains committed to the referendum, then we need to consider the Mayors Council opposition to referendum, and how we can continue to work together to move the plan, and the funding, forward.

The plan includes 7.7 billion in funding over the 10 years, and this is a huge number, but when the components are broken down, they are all necessary to ensure a sustainable future for the region.

We know that NOT increasing the transit system, will require probably twice as much investment to upgrade our road networks. – web resource with the plan and associated documents.

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